PangPang the London Pug

So I recently had the lucky fortune to have Pangpang the London Pug reach out to me to make a painting of him trying to capture his personality and joy that he brings to the world. This is what the end product looks like:


I had a blast making this piece and here is just a little info into how my process went for making it.

First I started out studying PangPang next to other pugs, because they may be the same breed of dog, but any animal owner can tell there is a difference in their animal to others. It was very interesting to see how PangPang’s eyes are very difference compared to other pugs along with a face that is a lot more round than other pugs, while having a smaller body. He is such a cute pug and was very fun to study him, here are some of his photos from his Instagram:

As you can see his features look quite difference come compared to other pugs, so after doing a study I drew roughs of his silhouette, face, and other details to get it right. I also looked at dog anatomy to make sure I could make his painting look cartoony, but educated in anatomy.

After drawing a lot of roughs I found a few silhouettes and face shapes that I liked the most and tired to make a cartoon character for PangPang.


After playing around more to find an appealing design I then roughed out some final designs along with thumbnails of the scene I wanted him in.


After playing with different ideas, I allowed my head sometime to play with what I had (As my imagination always finds something better to make). And in the end after playing around I really liked this scene:


I wanted something closer to show off Pangpang’s expression and make him the focus, and less the environment. Which although a big piece of Pangpang’s branding, I thought it needed to be more of a side note to the overall painting. And in the end I love how it came out!

Hope you enjoyed the conception of cartoon Pangpang as I did! Please visit his social media to get some pug love yourself.

And thanks PangPang once more for reaching out! Loved making this for you!

PangPang’s Website:


YouTube Channel:




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